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A professional translator must be an expert in various fields, stay on top of current affairs and technical innovations, and remain punctual, sociable and capable of providing an adequate standard of representation before foreign partners.


In contrast to a language service provider, which might offer the next available translator and charge a hefty commission for its services, we offer a rare opportunity to hire a translator directly. We have been in the business for more than 15 years.


We are a team of professional translators of English, German and Chinese, who support one another whenever necessary. Please feel free to ask any questions about our skill level and available services, as well as delivery and payment options.


  • Interpreters with a degree
  • Excellent customer references
  • Consecutive interpretation starting at €18 per hour
  • Simultaneous interpretation starting at €28 per hour


Simultaneous Interpretation

Provided by professional simultaneous interpreters. The interpreters use special equipment, and each member of the audience normally weras a headset. As a rule, this type of interpreting is required at conferences, presentations and official meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation

Interpreting within special pauses inserted by the speaker.

Interpretation at Events

Professional interpretation on various subjects, provided at presentations, conferences and training sessions. Help renting transport, meeting rooms and resolving various issues that may arise when arranging an event, is available.

Sworn translation

Sworn translation and notarial certification of documents is normally required for submission to an embassy, or when providing documents for immigration, employment, marriage or residence abroad, or to register a foreign business.

Interpretation at Manufacturing Facilities

Companies that import equipment often require interpretation services for visiting maintenance and support engineers, training, etc.

Escort Interpreter

We provide the entire package of services for visitors to Minsk: airport pickup, city escort and sightseeing.

English Translation

English being the most popular translation language, it has the most stringent requirements to translation — in both directions. Our prices start at BYR 11 per source page.

Polish Translation

A need to work with our closest partners in Europe has arisen increasingly often. Our prices start at BYR 12 per source page.

German Translation

German is not an easy language to translate. It takes a truly German painstaking and attention to detail to do it well. Our prices start at BYR 12 per source page.

Chinese translation

There are a number of China-financed projects being implemented in Belarus at the moment. A need has increasingly arisen for translation of documents to and from Chinese. Some members of our team, including myslef, have been involved in some of those projects, establishing professional contacts with Chinese translators supporting the projects. Chinese is a highly complex language, and even native speakers may not be able to read or understand text in Chinese without being familiar with the domain area! Engagement of Chinese native speaker translators and proofreaders may play a critical part in ensuring translation quality and fitness for purpose.


Certain technical translation subjects, such as mechanical and aircraft engineering, the chemical industry and others, require an especially rigorous approach to selection of terms, while the very ability to perform translation may depend on experience in the field. Years of working in various areas have taught us to understand our customers and helped us attain proficiency in translation. If you have a significant scope of work to contract, we offer to translate a moderatley-sized sample of the text for free.

Customer Testimonials


Interpretation is our key business. For many years, we have accummulated experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at various events and in various technical projects in Belarus and abroad.
We have mastered vocabulary on various subjects, but a new domain area is never a problem. After all, materials on the seemingly rarest and most specific subjects: equipment, process, etc., can be found on the Internet these days. All the interpreter needs to do is focus on learning the core vocabulary and fundamentals. Two to three days of vigorous preparation prove sufficient for ensuring accurate and complete interpretation.


Each translation goes through the following required phases:
1. Read and possibly compile a glossary,
2. Translate,
3. Run by a proofreader,
4. Format as required.
Interpretation on every subject and in every language considers all of their peculiarities.
Chinese is an example of a highly complex language. Even native speakers may not be able to read or understand text in Chinese without being familiar with the domain area! Engagement of Chinese native speaker translators and proofreaders may play a critical part in ensuring translation or interpretation quality and fitness for purpose.

Formatting and auxiliary services

We offer not only high quality translation of documents of any kind, but also formatting, layout make-up, printing and any other services you might consider necessary. Basic formatting of the original document always remains intact w/o any additional charge. We know how to work with various software for layout, Internet-sites translation, we can work with specialized CAT-tools (Trados etc).

In case you have a translated document, and you doubt the quality of this translation, we can offer you proof-reading, which will cost much cheaper than a translation anew.

We can bring you translated documents or pick up the originals from your place.


Ihnasheu Andrei


Ihnasheu Andrei

Professional interpreting. Many years of experience. Consecutive and simultaneous translation at conferences, exhibitions, workshops and business meetings.

Alexander Sukhoverhov

Written translation

Alexander Sukhoverhov

More than 15 years of experience.

 Translators – let’s join in one team – we are stronger together!

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Translators – let’s join in one team – we are stronger together!

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